Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Adding a Member to Team LARSON

No suspense or anything.. WE'RE EXPECTING!!! DUE MARCH 5TH sorry I couldnt keep it in... I just had to hurry and blurt it out! Haha! That is because I have been keeping it a huge secret since June 24 when I found out I was 4 weeks PREGO! Wow.... what a weight off my shoulder that was! Now 3 days shy of 12 weeks and I feel like I have already been Pregnant forever cause I haven't been able to tell anyone and I found out so early!!

More about being Prego..... NO MORNING SICKNESS!!!! I seriously feel bad for all those pregnant women out there that get sick. I have been a little nauseated when I dont eat for like 4 hours, and that sucks, so I can only imagine what it's like to actually throw up. I haven't done that yet, knock on wood! And i'm already 12 weeks, so lets hope I just missed that stage ALL TOGETHER! I do have headaches and I crave Spagetteos! Haha but other than that no heartburn, no nothing..........

I held it in for 8 weeks.. can you believe that? Want to hear the story behind why I held it in for so long? Long Story Short, after a past of 2 miscarriages I felt like I should wait until that period in the pregnancy was over. So i'm sorry for those of you who I haven't told yet... let's just hope i didnt spill the beans to fast this time

June came and I was late, but didn'y say anything. Though Brady noticed anyways. We were laying in bed one night and I rolled over and told him I was thinking about taking a test the next morning. He acted mildy surprised and said really? And got excited. He called his friend Jake and left a message that I had just told him something and he needed to call back asap! As though something was wrong. I hadn't even taken the test yet and he was already bouncing off the walls.. He wanted me to take it that night, but I explained that in the morning it would be so much better because the levels would be up.

I think we secretly both knew what was about to happen. Our lives were going to change forever. The next morning I took the test and forgot to look at it.. it said positive but I didnt know if that was the evaporation line or what, so I called the Dr. office and went for blood work it was only 105 hcg then 2 days later went in again and it was in the 600's so it more than doubled... YAY!! I had never went in for blood work where the number actually doubled.. what a relief! we then made an appointment for 8 weeks (thats what I thought I was), because with my history they wanted to see me early.. WELL when we got the ultra sound done they said we were only 6 weeks! ONLY 6 WEEKS!!!!!! that means that I found out early... the heartbeat was 110 and the baby was only like .5 cm or something crazy small like that.

Our next appointment was our 10 week. We had an abdominal ultrasound done this time and we saw the baby and how much it had grown! It was INCREDIBLE. We didnt get a print out of this ultrasound but we did the first one. We got to hear the heartbeat again and it was up to 154.. So far so good! Now I figured I could tell people!!!!

few exciting dates -
October: when he find out if we are having daddy's little princess, or mommy's little prince

(i have my 6 week ultra sound i'll post later)