Friday, October 21, 2011

The witch is in... craft

Have i told you i love crafts? haha. i love having my vinyl cutter and being able to do little things when i want to. I did some vinyl lettering for my friend for her house, and now i cant make up my mind for a saying for my living room so if you have an idea you should let me know! i need some knew quote ideas!!! as far as what i did this past couple weeks is this cute halloween craft. my dad cut all the wood out, and my mom started painting it and i finished it.... you cant see the broom that good but it has the shoes, socks a broom and the hat!! it was fun.
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My Little Monster

this is my little monster... just got a new warm outfit and just wanted to share how cute he is!
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naked crib time

Collin has been loving being naked, and being in his crib playing naked!! he has been pulling him self up standing up at the edge of his crib playing. he is the cutest little thing EVER!!! i love him. he loves his crib. this is him getting ready to get in the bath and get ready for bed, i love mornings when i wake up and he's just playing in his crib standing at the edge waiting for me to come get him.. i do have to say he has his stumbles and he falls over, at first i hated watching it, and now i realize how else is he going to learn?
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Friday, October 14, 2011


These are collin's halloween pictures! he is such a cute dragon isn't he?
I put him in the Herald Journal Trick'r treater contest online! you should all go vote for collin he is number 14! you can vote once a day!! help this little guy win!
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What we've been up to!

We have been up to so much, but just not had a lot of time to blog! i got a new job! so i am working 2 jobs right now, being a wife and a mother... i feel like i never have time to blog and that makes me sad! i barely get to spend time with my family! plus brady is working the opposite shift of me, so we really dont get to spend time together. so when we do have time off at the same time i am not worrying about blogging! we are having a great fall, i have been doing crafts, reading (brady is the best, he got me my very own KINDLE for my birthday last month!!), and chasing colling around. he is CRAWLING! i love it, and he is so fun! he went from kinda crawling to pulling him self up and trying to walk within like 2 weeks.
us at Porcupine Dam. we got to hike around and let daisy play in the water
these two are of us at the USU homecoming Parade... he loved the sirens
he LOVES this sweet treat. i know i know, i shouldnt give it to him but he is so darn cute when he eats it!
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