Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Spontanous Trip to Vernal

So this past weekend, brady and i woke up saturday morning and decided to drive down to vernal to see our friends Jake & Maren, and their cute little girl Jocilynn. It was fun, we BBQ'd and hung out. It was a nice little get away. Collin had never been in a car that long, and he ended up doing so good! i wasn't expecting him to do that good. :)
 This is little jocilynn and collin... they are already best friends! 
 our cute family! 
 he has started blowing bubbles and drooling alot

 all the girls waiting to eat! 
 collin loves tummy time!!! 

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

10 Weeks

My little Collin isn't so little anymore! he is now 10 weeks and growing so fast!

he is now.....
- sucking his thumb to soothe himself (we pull it out and use a binkie, but sometimes we aren't around)
- sleeps through the night
- can focus on objects and follow with his eyes
- recognizes his name
- has discovered his fingers
-stays awake most of the day
- wears 3 months clothes
- gets loves more and more everday!

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Monday, May 16, 2011

SILENT AUCTION- support the cause!

There is a silent auction going on to raise money for our family's Relay for Life team with the cancer society! there are 131 items to bid on! go bid and dont miss out! i know i am! it goes from Today until next monday!!! click HERE - to be taken to the website.

there is scrapbook stuff, hair flowers, beanies, vinyl decor, yard decor, gift certificates, scentsy, and MUCH MORE!!!

Monday, May 9, 2011

Mothers day

Yesterday for mothers day we got to spend the first part of it with brady's family at his sister nicoles house.. then we traveled up to my parents. I had so much fun, and enjoyed my first mothers day so much!
Brady and collin were so sweet and got me flower pots, flowers, potting soil and stuff so i could do some pots for my front steps and patio! i am so so so happy being a mom and a wife. They are my boys!

I want to thank my mom. I now know how hard it is to be a mom, even though he is only 9 weeks. I know there are hard times to come, and i understand my mom and that she always has my best interest at heart! i love you mom.
You have done soo much for me and i appreciate everything more than you could ever know, and more than words could say. i am sorry for all the times i gave you a hard time and didn't mind.

But i want you to know i thank you for sharing your life with us, bringing me up the way you did and teaching me to be the best mom that i could be. by your example i know what the meaning of love is, and i only hope i can pass as much love on to my kids as you did to yours.. thanks for you example! Collin loves his g-ma very very much and we thank you every day and love having you so close and in our lives as much as we do!
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8 Weeks & Talking Video!

Last monday our little man turned 8 weeks... he is so fun!

He is getting some chunky cheeks..
- He Now sleeps on his belly whenever he can, we were told its not safe, so i put him on his side or back to sleep and when he wakes me in the morning he is always on his belly! silly little guy

-He know mostly sleeps through the night! most of the time its from like 11 to 5 or so, but last night it was from 10 to 8:15 this morning! oh how refreshed we both feel!!! :)

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Easter- our little bunny

These pictures are from EASTER.. i'm a little behind!
dad and collin.... what cute boys!
Collin and his easter basket that grandma larson gave him!
Collin in his little outfit! :) we love him

Easter was fun, we traveled to both the grandparents houses. they love seeing him and he loves seeing them and getting to know them
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