Friday, October 29, 2010

halloween at WoRk

The crew at work! me-indian, jeremy-fred flinstone, marci-cowgirl, natali-pirate, dan (owner)-the tooth fairy, he even passed out tooth brushes it was hilarious! vicky-someone dead, and shane-a super nerd!!!
My neice jaycie-witch (i made the skirt, i'm glad it turned out cute!) and nephew dylan-batman!!!! they come every year and i love going around with them!!!
ok! so everyone knows i LOVE halloween... and what is even better is that we get to dress up at work..... and if you don't well.. shame on you!!! its tradition here, and Logan Nursing has made it a big deal to dress up..... everywhere the Owner, bosses, and down the line are dressed up i LOVE it!!!

We all get to work, work for a few hours.... go to lunch (usually chilis to show off our costumes), go back to work, work for a few more hours and then the fun begins!!!

We have an annual TRICK OR TREAT event where all the residents get dressed up, sit outside their rooms and hand out candy! talk about a lot of candy in one place... freak! and all the employees, friends and past co-workers bring the little ones in to join the fun!!! i love it! we have people from the community call every year and ask if we are still doing it! and of course it just gets bigger and bigger every year.... so next year bring your little ones!!!! its a LOT of fun

I love that about Logan Nursing..... can't wait to show off my little guy next year in his costume.. as you can see he's joining the fun this year... my belly sure was a poking out! haha

Thursday, October 28, 2010

girls night out.... a while ago!

ok... so this is long over due... since this girls night was what... a month ago or so? maybe not that long ago, anyways..

When i married brady i didnt just get a family, but i got friends too! These girls are fun, and were nice enough to invite me to their girls night out....... as far as i can tell they get together alot and take turns driving to salt lake, or logan so they can get together... it was way fun, we first went to Texas Roadhouse.. i love that place.. i couldn't believe how many tables of just girls there were.. i guess it was everyone's night for a girls night. then after that we walked around wal-mart, got treats, played dress up, and headed back to Nicole's house. We played QUELF if you have never played it you need to! it was so darn funny... i didnt have to do alot of the funny things, but some of the girls did and i just laughed :)

I love girls nights.. i have had a few more with different groups of friends... what is better than friends? and a night away from your husband's once in a while.... ;)
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Monday, October 18, 2010

Tag your IT!!!

 Ok.... SOOOOOOOO I got tagged to do this, so i hope who i tag will do it as well!!! I answer these 8 questions, make up 8 new questions... tag 8 people and they HOPEFULLY will answer the 8 new ones!

1~What would your perfect day be like?
it would be having no work, relaxing at a campsite with my husband..... and my new son :)
2~What is your favorite reality tv show?
i love {love} bachelor and bachelorette... i know i'm weird :)
3~If you could go back and give advice to your 16 year old self what would it be?
stay true to your heart and dont give in to peer pressure..... and dont be afraid of change
4~Post one of your favorite pictures and WHY is it your favorite?
this would be one of my favorite pictures because it is of me and mu husband {of course} and I just remember it being a way fun date, and it shows a lot of the type of guy he is {making a face} and because it shows that we can have silly sides, serious sides, happy sides, and all the while we are together making memories.
5~What is one thing that always makes you smile?
i would have to say my family........ and now, i add in the newest member.. the baby. when i feel him kick i get a perma-grin :)
6~What has been the happiest moment of your life so far?
The happiest moment in my life 5 months ago would have been my wedding..... since then the happiest moment would be starting a family with my husband......
7~What is one of the saddest or most heartbreaking moment of your life so far?
losing my grandpa. i had never lost a family member, never been so close to someone that has passed away before. I am just glad i got to spend the last few seconds with him.
8~Whats your wish list for Santa this year?
this list could go on and on... but for the sake of this post i'll make it short....... 
- a glider chair
- some new shoes
- the new taylor swift cd
- the Eclipse movie
- stuff for camping,
- stuff for baby
- and anything someone would think i'd like! :) 

I tag these 8 people...............
1. stacey moss
2. beth riggs
3. misty dumas
4. jess checketts
5. cass bradshaw
6. natali stevenson
7. tara callaway
8. whoever else reads this!!!!!!!!!

my new questions are 
1. Post your favorite picture and explain way
2. your Dream Vacation
3. favorite thing about your pet
4. one of your biggest pet peeves
5. favorite nursery rhyme and why
6. Biggest accomplishment
7. one goal for the next year
8. wish list for santa this christmas

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Brady is going to have a new fishing partner.......

We are having a  BOY!!!!! I am so excited and i can't even tell you how these last few days have been for me!!!! yesterday was INCREDIBLE.... you'd think ok we found out.. cool.. now what? thats not it! i have like a perma-grin, and i can't wait until i get to talk to someone about it!!! 

Our ultra sound went VERY good... I was nervous when i walked in there that something would be wrong.. but it wasn't he was PERFECT.... we got to see his brain, and his little heart.. and the chambers and that it was beating.. we got to see his kidneys, and other parts of his body that were working just great! 

Though, it was a  good thing he acted the way he did because he had his hands down (there) the UNTIRE time!! i kept saying.. welp, i know its a boy! haha!! it was cute, we got some 3-d pictures, and they put the whole ultrasound on a slide show for us!!! 

it was fun not to see what it was, so they had us look away and the ultrasound tech said he still wouldnt show what he was.. so she had to jiggle my stomach a lot and finally he spread his legs so we could see... It was funny cause we watched the video again when we got home (we didn't get to see that part in the room cause we didnt wanna know) and the little guy actually Took his hands off from down there, showed us what he was and then did a clear as day THUMBS UP!  what a cute little guy. i couldnt be more excited!!!! i'm half way! i'll try and get some pics on here in the next few days......

The anticipation from 12 (when we got done at the dr.) and 4:30 when we went to dinner with our parents was the worst! i kept asking brady if we could just open it.. we didnt though!!! it was fun to sit down with our parents and have them guess, and then we opened it up!! :) it was a great little suprise!

Monday, October 11, 2010

Sunday Afternoon..... & what do U think i'm having?

So this Sunday, our friends Jordan & Eric called and wanted to know if we would like to go up and see the Salmon Run up past porcupine... and it was a great day, a sunday afternoon and so we said. Yes, of course! We didnt get to see as many salmon as we could have if we would have went earlier this month, or last month.... but it was still fun (i forgot to take pictures of the fish... sorry) but it was cool to see so many! it was a great sunday outting for sure! We took our dog up there as well and she loved it!!! i wish i could have gotten a picture of her, she ran right next to the riverbank up and down trying to chase the fish... she's cute!
This is me and brady up the river from porcupine dam.... (he's ALWAYS pulling a face)
 This is us again.. i MADE him smile... This one will count for my 19 week picture :)
 me and jordan! love her
 what we hiked through
brady fishing, just for fun to see if the salmon would bite

We get to find out WEDNESDAY what we are having! i can hardly even wait..... its killing me! haha! but i want to know what you guys think.. some of you have seen me, some have not? but i honestly dont have a feeling one way or another??????

18 Weeks.. the Dreaded picture

Ok! this is me at 18 weeks. I woke up, hadn't ate anything, and hadn't gotten ready. This is the first picture i had taken of my belly... and i guess it turned out ok...... I am 19 weeks 2 days now.. so i think i've grown a little.. but  you guys might not.. i'll try and take more pictures.. maybe every 2 weeks..... or if i remember every week.... i am not comfortable posing for a picture of my belly.. so maybe i'll just post some i've taken during the week? haha jk, i know in the end i'll want these pictures