Thursday, April 21, 2011

Getting So BIG


These are just some other pictures from the last few weeks! he is getting so big so fast!
Collin is now 6 weeks. it doesn't seem like it though!

so far, at 6 weeks Collin is becoming such a big boy and can do so many things!

- size 1 diapers
- he is such a wiggler. kicks his feet like crazy and when he's on his belly he can scoot himself forward
- loves tummy time still, and can hold his head up as long as he likes!
- is growing out of newborn clothes already
- collin is getting chubby cheeks and thighs
- smiles big all the time
- recognizes who his mom and dad are
- coos when he's happy
- starting to grasp things (like my hair for instance, and earrings)

I love everything he does!!
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