Friday, March 30, 2012

MONSTER birthday

Cake, Ice Cream, Lots of fun, Our little monster's turning 1!!!
we threw a monster themed birthday party. it was so fun and turned out better than i thought!!
here's the food!

birthday boy! 

he loved his cake!!!! 

our little family!
it was a great day so we played bubbles outside with all the other kids. it was super fun!!!
i can't believe he is already one... time flies by! 
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Steph's new baby Taylie

steph had a new baby girl at the end of FEB... i love this little girl, and i'm so excited to be able to buy pink and ruffles! we got to go see them at the hospital

me and baby taylie

collin loves his cousin, but mostly just likes to poke her.. haha 

the whole Atkinson family

me and baby again! 

baby taylie! so cute, 7 lbs 5 oz!!!!! 
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March 7th.. the big ONE

our little man turned one this month!
he can
-walk great, run really
-say hi, bye, mom, dad, more, drink and lots of other little ones
-wave bye
-sleeps through the night still,
- down to 1 bottle a day
- loves big boy food,
- loves books,
- loves bath time
- loves making forts with dad in the living room
- likes the grass between his toes
- likes dirt or sand, anything that makes a mess
- can feed himself
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Birthday Tradition

collin's birthday fell on a wednesday and his b-day party wasn't until sunday, but grandma hawkes brought over pizza and we had a mini party, and then brady, i, collin and daisy had a camp out in our front room! we talked about how fun it would be, because me and brady haven't let collin sleep with us. sometimes i just wish he had slept in my bed, but so glad at the same time that he is a big boy, sleeps really good in his crib and likes it. so we started a tradition that on his birthday every year we would camp out in the living room....

watching a movie as a family... daisy just had to join in.. haha

little guy all tuckered out! 


collin's officially a big boy now! grandma got him a big boy car seat!! 
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what we've been up to...

so i am way far behind! but since christmas this is what we have been up to......... 
collin LOVED the snow.... 

he plays so much that he wont stop until he just falls asleep on his own... 

playing lots! 

he discovered how fun boxes were.. he plays in new boxes everyday! 

he has learned to climb on things!!! 

played so much with his box that he ended up falling asleep in it.... 

this is our friend's coffee table.. he took the top off, climbed in and fell asleep....

again playing and fell asleep!!! 
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