Wednesday, April 28, 2010


With all this snow, wind, and rain i just HAD to post my summer plans because that way i at least know that i am doing something whether it keeps acting like winter or not... me and brady have talked about a lot of the things we WANT to do this summer.... so i think we're getting there.... haha!I finish school this next week and then i am counting that as my actually SUMMER starting date.. but here is what we are excited for this year! and inbetween all these things we have planned, there will probably be unplanned camping trips, cookouts, swim adventures, trips to bear lake, and boating, fishing, and all those other things that you dont really plan out!!! but we both get to ride one of these this summer unless they drive somewhere? (but if they fly, i'll kinda be scared to not be with brady when he's on one cause the only trip he's taken one for is hawaii, so its only is 2nd time!)

May: we get to go back to the dunes like we did last year. it will be different this year because we have a trailer and i am better on the four-wheeler. We went last year and had a ball so i'm assuming this year it will be even better! I am way excited though. It is fun to be able to ride my fourwheeler and have brady on his dirt bike right next to me. And the people we go with are way fun as well!! bring on the sand!

June: My friend Michelle is in Little Rock AR. so i will be on a plane with my friend Cortney, into that fun state down south! and our friend will pick us up and we are going to spend a week with her. I dont know what we are going to do yet. but it'll be fun for sure! Michelle (dark hair) and Cortney (blonde)

Well since i get to do that, brady wanted to do something with his friends... His friend Jake Callier and him are going to be going deep sea fishing somewhere. I assume Derrek might go, and whoever else. but Him and Jake together should be a good time. I love jake to death, but i guess i'm kinda nervous for them to be together.. they both act like little boys.. haha!
brady's friend jake
July: Oh what a Month! we are of course going to be doing the whole Drive up to Mnt. Logan thing we do every year to watch the fireworks.. that should be fun! Our friend Alisa & Tyler are going to be having their baby the first or second week. then it is mine and Brady's ONE YEAR! so we are planning something for that, we just don't know yet!!! We are thinking either the oregon coast or just go to cali... or even park city or something... any ideas for our one year???? and then at the end of the month i will be going here for the SCENTSY convention that i go to annually!!! August: We are probably going to go to Jackson Hole, and camp with the Buttars family and float down the Snake River. They do it every year....... so that should be fun, and my Family Has their annual August Bear Lake Trip before school starts.... but other than those two we are still trying to decide what to do... maybe lay low and work to make up for all the money we spent over the summer!!!
But what a fun summer! we get to be with friends, and each other doing what we love TRAVELING! you have no idea how excited i am for all of this... and then in august (if i get into nursing) it will be BACK to school again for me.. UGH and it will last until May, but then i will have my LPN and work only 3 days a week.. and then maybe we can start talking about starting a family.

Other things we want to do (but might have to wait)
- trip to alaska
- cruise anywhere
-we might go to montana fishing
-more fourwheeling
-camping, fishing, boating, ect.
-jackson, Wy
-my sister just reminded me that we are sometime going to flaming gorge
-The list could go ON & ON...........

We can Dream Right?
Life's not a destination its a JOURNEY

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Bitterness? Why? REPOSTED

So i wrote this post a few days ago and then deleted it because i felt like i shouldnt post something like this, but some people read it before i deleted it and some didnt. so i am going to chose to post it because i think that it will help people understand why i am the way i am lately. so here you go

the past few weeks have been a very hard and long road. I figure not a lot of people actually read my blog, so i can vent to myself here! as far as lately.. this is what has been going on- i think the more i keep it in the more i get bitter and thats not ok.... so i am going to act as though i'm writing to myself. if you do read it please talk to me about it or keep it to yourself, i guess you'll understand what i dont want everyone to know.

As most of you know, i have been bitter lately, with a bad attitude and why? i honestly didnt know until now. My husband brady and i have talked about going to church and i think it will make ALL the difference, we had started falling behind when he started working sundays... i know we were never perfect, but i guess its better late than never to start trying right? and i want to thank everyone that has been there for me in the past to keep me on that path. with that being said there are a few things that have happened in my life that have encouraged me to go back to church and hopefully sometime soon get sealed to my husband and my family that i have lost. 

Last week my grandpa passed away, (i'll post some great memorable pictures later) it was the first person in my family that i have ever had pass away, I have never had to deal with someone so close, i have not had to be in a family prayer and witness the closing of the casket and that was the HARDEST thing for me to do. I was with him when he passed and that brought me peace, as well as being with my grandma and being able to be there for her to comfort and provide whatever she needed. At the funeral I was given the opportunity to speak, and with that i talked a little and then i gave a poem i had wrote. from him passing i realize i do not wish to lose anyone without being sealed to them... talking about brady. what would i do if we missed out on our chance to be together for eternity and not just "until death do we part"

The day of my grandpa's passing was both peaceful and sad, peaceful knowing he was in no more pain, and sad because i am having trials of my own right now..... what is honestly wrong with me. This is what i am the most bitter about, but at the same time it couldnt have happened at a better time. I am taking trials welll (until now and i'll get to that later) because i know that the trials i am having right now have to deal with me and me alone, along with God. I have dreams about my trials and my grandpa and i feel comfort all over again when i see that, it was meant for me to have these trials and i just don't know why yet.....

I pray everyday that i can have comfort in my misfortune that i can over come this, and not be angry anymore. there is no one to blame, these things just happen. i know that we all have to have our own trials. and maybe this is mine. it just doesn't seem fair, and i think the hardest thing is that i will never fully understand what happened and why i have these trials. i have not talked about this with anyone and now i am letting it all out. I am hoping that this helps me with my attitude adjustment and i hope that it helps me know that when i do overcome these trials that i will not take ANYTHING for granted.. all these random thoughts are going through my head and i just couldn't take it. i'm sorry if this isn't something that you wanted to know or hear, or if it was boring.. but i just thought i needed to vent for a minute......

on the HAPPY SIDE.............

we bought our first camping trailer, and we bought brady a new truck its an old '86 chevy! that way now we have only one car payment (brady's ford truck that is now mine) and we will have more money to save and put towards other things.................


MY THERAPY: crafts. i have been doing crafts lately, and i realize that they are the best therapy i could EVER ask for, next to my loving husband that is!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Variety Of Events

Camping,Falling trees, Date night, Easter... OH what a variety of EVENTS

EVENT 1: A couple weeks ago we went camping with all of our friends. there was no snow and it wasn't too cold!! it was A BLAST. we didnt get cold until brady woke up at 5 in the morning and couldnt go back to sleep..... so much for a biological alarm clock.... but on the upside i found my new blanket.. daisy. she kept me so warm camping and did so good not running off and playing with the other dogs!EVENT 2: When we bought our house we realized that some of the trees were a little dead, or parts of them were dead and we'd have to trim them this summer.. isn't that with every yard? what we didnt realize was how much DEAD was on them.. ok some of the trees are COMPLETELY dead and March 30th, in the wind storm, one of the big tree branches (that faces the OPPOSITE direction) fell into our yard. Broke right off. The jeep we are borrowing from our parents was right there, (so lucky that it didn't damage the jeep) and it got hit! the next day, it snowed and the REST of the tree fell into the neighbor's yard.. well now we have decide we are going to tear out the WHOLE tree and some extra bushes while we're at it..OH the joy of owning a house!!!
this is the tree that the next day fell over.. the WHOLE THING

EVENT 3: we dont get to go out on "dates" that often. So this weekend brady took me to the Prairie Schooner! it was SOOOO delish!

EVENt 4: EASTER.. enough said, i love easter, that day we went to my parents around 1 to eat and have an easter egg hunt, then we went to his parents for dinner and what not.. what a LONG day! very enjoyable though.OUR CUTE LITTLE FAMILY!