Thursday, February 25, 2010

Got some things for sale!

ok so here's the run down -the short version- I am trying to not be a pack rat and keep things we dont need. so I am selling a few things to make room for the stuff we want.

FIRST OUR COUCH IS SOLD! My sister just sold her house and we are getting her old couches and so we wanted to sell ours.. i'm asking $360, but i am SURE i'd go down if someone talks to me about a diff. price. Oh and the couch is not pink! it is a cute tan color!!!

SECOND my wedding dress! i love the darn thing with all my heart but seriously why hold on to something i am NEVER going to use again............ i'm asking $400 for it.. so if you know someone in need of a dress send them my way..

THIRD brady's old wheels and tires! we dont need them, brady had to get new ones! we are only asking $275..(only one of the tires won't pass inspection. the other three are great) and like i have said. (we'll go down) They are stock wheels for an F 150.. 2006

FOURTH i have my old stock cd player/ dash for my Jeep Liberty i'm selling for whatever price! let anyone know if they need it to come my way (sorry no picture!)


Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Adorable Puppy Disaster!

her favorite bone!
look how tall and big she's getting!!!
she thinks that's her couch.. she used to take up half a cushion.. now she takes up the whole thing

Our adorable little stinker of a boxer is getting so big! We usually keep her in her kennel when we are away, but last week we thought we'd try something different. We left her out for an hour, she was fine.. just slept... the next day we left her out for four hours.. she was fine. she just slept until we got home on our lunch break... The next day, we thought, ok she'll just sleep we can leave her out... NOPE! we left her out for four hours.. and our house was a disaster when we got home.. she got up on the table and ate all my candy hearts i had out for v-day... she then threw them all up in the living room (good thing we have hard wood floors) she likes toilet paper for some reason.. the roll was all over the house.. she chewed up my phone charger.... what else! everything!!! WhAt A MeSS!!! When we got home she went and sat by the door and went out.. did her thing and came in like a good puppy! then she looked at me, tucked her tail.. and sat by my feet.. she knew she had been a bad girl, but she looked at me with that puppy face, and i couldnt help but just love her to peices!

Sunday, February 7, 2010


This year brady has gotten really into fishing! with the help of some buddies he's been going almost every weekend. and at least one time a week.. This was the first time i had ever went ice fishing and i thought it was kind of scary. Those first few steps on the ice, the cracking sound and the cold didn't please me very well! i got over it and enjoyed this trip. We caught a few (not as much as brady is catching now) but daisy wasn't used to the cold and her paws started freezing so we had to leave early!
Brady now has a Ice Hut, a Heater and a Fish Flasher (better pics to come later) it is a fun thing to do, but i'll leave that to the boys and go hang out with the girls.. that sounds like a way better time to me.. :)

Friday, February 5, 2010


I officially sold my jeep, i had it listed on KSL, and it was sold within a little bit of time! how exciting and sad all at once!!

here is the link for KSL

Monday, February 1, 2010


this weekend was way super fun! it started out friday night by going to dinner with all these girls! we have all worked at Logan Nursing & Rehab sometime or another.. overlapping each other! haha! it was fun to get together with these girls because i used to hang out with all of them (at different times) almost everyday! where have our lives went, from being married, to going to school, and everywhere in between we have kind of drifted apart so it was nice to see them all again!!! After dinner some of us went back to my house and played games..that was a hoot! these girls are hilarious! i laughed more this night than i had in a long time...

all the girls at dinner left to right- cortney, tanaya, monae, nalyn, holly, me, natali & jess!

ya..... we are dorks.. hahaha!

Saturday was way fun as well! brady went off fishing with all his buddies! he bought an ice hut, fish finder, and new ice fishing gear! so he is always out fishing when he has the chance! I need him to take the camera sometimes so i can post pics of him on here! while he was fishing i was up at my mom's house making a watch band! (sorry the pic isnt that clear) that is going to be my new hobby!!!

Sunday was long.. but fun! me and steph hawled all our scrapbooking stuff up to my mom's and took over her kitchen! we scrapbooked for a what seemed like all day :) i played with her baby a little bit and we just hung out..

This weekend turned out to be a great GIRLS weekend!