Monday, January 16, 2012


First Family Vacation, Collin was such a super trooper on the plane, and with all the traveling! he was so good. besides the fact that he was going through a lot of diapers and waking me up at 5 AM on vacation he was great. I would just wake up, get his diaper bag, put him in the stroller and head down to the lobby. we played, went on walks, watched the sun come up and he drank a bottle while we waited for everyone else to wake up... we were usually ready for a nap by the time everyone actually woke up.
collin sure did love the fruit there, even the pineapple that i thought was sour, but he loved it.
we went to the Maui Ocean Center, the big aquarium. Collin loved all the fish!
and wasn't scared of the sharks!
collin getting ready to go play in the sand!
dad and collin going out for the day! collin was kinda excited!
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