Sunday, March 14, 2010

10 honest truths.. suprizing, yet different.

So the deal is this, I just have to write 10 honest things about myself. Honest and somewhat surprising or entertaining. After my 10, I get to tag people. So here goes......

1. I love my husband. DUH, haha but even when he is funny at times he should be serious, and when he makes stupid jokes, and when he forgets to do things... all in all.. i love everything about him.

2. I love my family. Brady is my new family, but my parents are the best. I know i put them through hell growing up, with all my rebelious stages and different friends i hung out with. But they stuck by me and i love them. also my sisters they are the best friends i could EVER ask for! i love them with all my heart and i dont know anyone better God could have chosen for me.

3. IN-LAWS aren't that bad! i have the best in-laws i could ask for. They love me, and include me and i feel as though i've been a part of the family forever, not just for the past year. My parent-in-laws are kind, understanding, and i'm glad we stay in contact with them as much as we do. As far as brother and sister- in laws... wow, who would have known i would and could get a long with in laws soooo much.... they aren't just in laws. they are friends.

4. Daisy is my best friend. Not too suprising, but after a long hard day of work and school i just want to go home and be with her and brady..... i dont really care to see our other friends as much when i'm tired, but those two make my night complete. and she's cuddled up right next to me while i type.... what a good companion

5. I love sewing... I used to not think i'd like it! but i have started a project and its getting better every day. i just wish i was faster at it!

6. I am lazy....... i should work out, but i dont, i should take daisy on walks, but i dont. I should clean the house, but i get sick of doing it by myself all the time, so i dont. I should study, but i dont, lets see............ i sleep as MUCH AS POSSIBLE!

7. on the other hand, i am very organized and an over-achiever most times! when i want something done it happens then, when i set my mind to do something.. no doubt it gets done!

8. Will Ferrell is my favorite actor.... hes funny and a good actor, but there is nothing about him that i think is hot... who has a favorite actor that doesnt even look good...... i guess i'm one of the low few. but matthew mcconaughey is my all time love! 

9. i wish i went to church more. I love the church and want to go, but brady works every sunday and i dont want to go alone. enough said... maybe i'll get the courage one day!

10. last but not least, I love to travel! before we got married i felt like i could go anywhere, now we have responsibility and a dog, and we're newlywed with no money! we'll see if i ever get that dream back of traveling! 

most of the people i would tag are people that look at my blog all the time, but are already tagged, so i hope you guys all see you're tagged
-chelsie sanders, heidi strickland, michelle nielsen, erin young, elaine henke, heather jones, nicole choules, shaleese jones, megan gillies, whitney miller



Stacey said...

I couldn't even have guessed your ten. Most of them but there were a few surprises!

Love you sis. PS get going on that sewing project so you can make me one next! ha ha

Callaways said...

Always fun to learn things that you would never have otherwise known. I get ya on the church thing... I would never go alone..

Candace said...

Shayna idk if you remember me but your blog is super cute! Hope everything is going good :)
Candace Percival