Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Bad Habits..... leaving them behind!

Ok. So i have always had some bad habits.. everyone does! but i am officially going to leave most of them behind. the reason for some (but not all) are because I want to lose weight. For the longest time i have known that i have been gaining weight and i kept saying i'll start to diet, or i'll start going to the gym, or something.. but it lasts for about a week and then it's over and done with. Well, i tried my spring clothes on and most of them fit, but either not comfortable or you can see a love handle or something that shouldnt be seen. SO.. my solution, blog about it and also ask for help from friends and family. please encourage me to not continue the bad habits! .. these are some habits i want to leave behind. Heres my list of my top 10 habits that i'm getting rid of!
1. Belching - i dont know why, its not lady like, its not normal, but i find myself burping (did i just admit that?)

2. Nail Biting - after being in my microbiology class and learning about all the things that live under your nails should be enough for me to stop, but i keep finding myself biting.. its bad for my teeth, as well as being bad for my body.

3. Arguing - most of the time i am right (i'm not just being cocky), but as i have found out sometimes it is not necessary and the topic isn't important to argue about. I find myself always arguing (not always a bad arguing) but always trying to prove a point or to be right.

.4. Sleeping in - i know that every once in a while i should be able to sleep in.. not all day! so i'm going to work on it.

5. Caffeine - i know it won't kill me, but i dont know why i drink it. Every time i do drink it, i feel BLAH so why do i do it? i dont know! cravings! and i have fell IN LOVE with the new PEPSI THROWBACK with the REAL SUGAR!

6. NOT taking vitamins - yep im going to start taking daily vitamins! i dont think i get enough

7. Candy - you'd think i dont eat a lot of candy because brady doesn't like it, but i swear its like i eat it more. whenever we go to the store, or the gas station i find myself stocking up on candy because i know he won't eat it. BAD HABIT..... and it doesnt help that i just found the new m&m's that are coconut... this one's going to be a hard one!8. NOT cooking - it gets hard being at school and work, but i honestly think if i made home cooked meals more it would actually benefit me and brady both in more ways than one! Ordering out- i guess this one goes along with cooking more, but its a bad habit! me and brady order food ALOT or we go grab something.. YEP, that one's out too!

9.Eating TOO much - I just don't know what good porportions are so i just keep eating when food is in front of me.. BAD idea. I have not got out a candy dish, nore have I been buying chips... i just keep eating and eating.. that ones on the list of destruction!


10. NOT WORKING OUT LIKE I SHOULD! - i have a membership but i dont go. i'm going to start going, AND daisy would love walks, so i'm going to start taking her on walks as well. i always complain about running and that my feet hurt or that i dont have good shoes to work out in. So does brady because he walks on concrete all day at lowes.. SO we BOTH got new shoes :) nike shocks for both of us. he got all black, and i got white with blue!



Stacey said...

Wow I'm impressed. Now if you only do what you say your going to do...


JK - I'm always here to encourage you! come running with me. I'm slow but I still go!

Todd and Elaine Henke said...

Good work Shayna!! That takes alot of effort just to write everything down!! I think you'll do great! Don't get discouraged though-that's the toughest part for me when I don't see results immediately!!! Good Luck!! :)

Nat and Chad said...

Shay! Click on this link I'm posting and read the WHOLE thing! This is what I have been doing for the last week. I started doing it a couple weeks before I moved and I lost 7 pounds in 2 weeks! It's totally not hard to do at all! I just started up again this week and have lost 1.5 pounds already! You should try it. Text me and let me know what you think of it! And you should come to the gym with me!

Larsons said...

OK guys! So you are all totally right.. hopefully i do it, and its hard to write down, and i need to go to the gym. FREAK.. what did i get myself into! JK i really am going to try hard to do it :)

Erin and Daryl said...

I KNOW YOU CAN DO IT! seriously the first month is rediculously hard! Even posting it down, cause I suck at eating healthy...I will incourage you. Once you get into the working out your body craves it more and when you feel like eating just for fun, go work out then you don't have that craving anymore! Just think, summer, swimming body! Think celebrity...ha ha, I try, its hard! I KNOW YOU CAN DO IT

Tom and Annie said...

Hey! It's Brady's cuz, Andrea! I found you through Erin's blog. So, that's awesome that you've written down your goals. I have to say that I didn't stop biting my nails until I was 33! Isn't that awful?? I paint them a lot. That seems to help me. Just keep going on the exercising thing; results are slow--I still feel like I haven't seen much results and I've been going at it for 3 months now! Aargh. But we'll get there, right? Eating habits are the hardest for my to break--yes, I just keep eating and don't stop when the food is still in front of me. Good luck!! and tell Brady Hello!!

Kim White said...

Shay Shay!!! I'm glad you found my blog! I love blogging! I made a recipe book of a bunch of girls in my wards simple recipes I could send you. That making cooking so much easier. And I promise once you start cooking you will fall in love with it. I seriously wish I would have gone to culinary school now ha ha. It will also save you so much money no eating out. And it will help you lose weight to because people tend to eat more when they go out. The candy thing good luck girl! I struggle with that everyday too. me and some girl friends just went a month with no sugar. it was crazy hard. But now we try to stick to about 2 or 3 treats a week and that seems to help the control. If you do the caffeine thing that will help you lose weight too!My dad lost 20 pounds in 2 weeks just from not drinking pop crazy!! Also if you visit or they have great ideas for healthy recipes and they have pictures of regular portion sizes. Sorry this is so long. I'm very studying health and nutrition for the past 2 years so its kind of ingrained in me. Oh for working out I fell in love with these workout videos called trubo jam. Its like dancing so you would love it!! But its the most amazing work out especially for your abs! You don't even realize its been 45 minutes because its so much fun! Wow i'll shut up! Good luck and I'm sure you can do it!