Monday, April 5, 2010

Variety Of Events

Camping,Falling trees, Date night, Easter... OH what a variety of EVENTS

EVENT 1: A couple weeks ago we went camping with all of our friends. there was no snow and it wasn't too cold!! it was A BLAST. we didnt get cold until brady woke up at 5 in the morning and couldnt go back to sleep..... so much for a biological alarm clock.... but on the upside i found my new blanket.. daisy. she kept me so warm camping and did so good not running off and playing with the other dogs!EVENT 2: When we bought our house we realized that some of the trees were a little dead, or parts of them were dead and we'd have to trim them this summer.. isn't that with every yard? what we didnt realize was how much DEAD was on them.. ok some of the trees are COMPLETELY dead and March 30th, in the wind storm, one of the big tree branches (that faces the OPPOSITE direction) fell into our yard. Broke right off. The jeep we are borrowing from our parents was right there, (so lucky that it didn't damage the jeep) and it got hit! the next day, it snowed and the REST of the tree fell into the neighbor's yard.. well now we have decide we are going to tear out the WHOLE tree and some extra bushes while we're at it..OH the joy of owning a house!!!
this is the tree that the next day fell over.. the WHOLE THING

EVENT 3: we dont get to go out on "dates" that often. So this weekend brady took me to the Prairie Schooner! it was SOOOO delish!

EVENt 4: EASTER.. enough said, i love easter, that day we went to my parents around 1 to eat and have an easter egg hunt, then we went to his parents for dinner and what not.. what a LONG day! very enjoyable though.OUR CUTE LITTLE FAMILY!


Stacey said...

so so cute! :)

I'm glad I got to see you guys on easter! So.. when to work on our projects together??? I need to finish my easter project for next year and you can teach me to make some flowers!

Erin and Daryl said...

I love your cute little family too. Daisey is actually a good dog! She's so cute. Anwyas, I was there at the Larsons and that was fun! I'm glad you and Brady came, it wouldn't have been the same without you guys:)

Steve and Chelsie said...

You guys are so cute! It sounds like you've been busy!

Chris and Kristin said...

I just love you guys! I'm jealous you've been camping already, we can't wait to go. :D Hopefully here soon! It would be so much fun to try and plan a trip together to the coast! :D

Candace said...

I LOVE your family picture :) Camping sounds like so much fun!

Stacey said...

Love your new trailer! Thanks for letting us come watch a movie. Hope Brady was ok with Avatar. We didn't have to watch it... :)

Love you sis

Stacey @ Fun to Craft said...

You are the winner of the CSN giveaway on my blog, Fun to Craft. I have emailed you and am trying one more time to get a hold of you. Please email me at funtocraft at gmail dot com as soon as you can so I can get them sent out to you. Otherwise, I will have to choose a new winner. Thanks!!