Thursday, May 13, 2010

Let the Good Times Roll........

Ok. so i know i posted mother's day pictures before i posted everything else that was going on... but lets back track a few days!!!

These first pictures are of Daisy's Play date... I know I know.. kinda weird, but she is my baby and we love seeing her have fun!! Our friends Jackie & Willow came over and brought their cute boxer Meika. It didn't take them long to warm up to each other and then they ran and ran until they got wore out! Daisy gets along with all types of dog, but lots of dogs don't get a long with her. She thinks every dog should just play and some of them get annoyed with her.. (most of the time, especially my mom and my sister's shiz-u dogs)

Meika is the dark brindle & Daisy is the fawn- both boxers! 

Here are some other things we've been up to! daisy is clearly my baby, she rides in the truck with us, sleeps in our bed and sometimes eats with us at the dinner table.... (thanks to derrek that started feeding her table food) On top of all that we have a camp trailer, a new truck (well its an old '86 chev, but to brady it's new! its the brown one in the picture.) and we've started working int he yard... YAY i can see what we need to do!
us getting ready to go camping!
This would be Derrek (I always joke and say its daisy's boyfriend, she loves him)
and if you can't tell we are sitting at the KITCHEN TABLE
This is what daisy does while we eat... that is right next to the table.. she's funny she has to be in the same room ALL the time! 
this is an ugly picture of me doing crafts- speaking of, i have done ALOT lately, i need to put pictures on here.. crap.. i'll try and remember i'm kind of forgetful!
this is brady hanging out while i do crafts :) haha
This is what it looks like on an ordinary basis lately. I go to bed, daisy crawls right up next to me, and brady is left with a smudge of room! it drives brady crazy... to the point he almost makes daisy sleep in her kennel~ she is so funny, she'll push us over until she gets her space, and then she'll sometimes roll over and put her head over my neck... shes crazy! hah but she IS MY BABY! 
I just had to take this picture this morning. This is a pillow we bought when she was a baby! she has played on it and what not but never layed down.... UNTIL last night she layed on while me and brady were watching a movie and then when i woke up this morning she was like this. she must have woken up during the night and went and layed on it.. she's becoming to be such a big girl :)

This weekend we were the host of a big get together!!! Brady's friend Jake & his girlfriend Maren were up from vernal and spent the weekend with us! it was a lot of fun, i really enjoy their company. Brady's friend Dylan also spent pretty much the whole weekend with us as well... it took me back to the days of being young when we'd ask our parents if we could have sleepovers everynight... i guess we never grow up in some sense! i had a lot of fun. Saturday night the boys went and got food at the grocery and we had about 15-20 of our friends over to eat! We grilled on the grill (when i say we i meant brady & Jake) They made Carne' esada/saute peppers & veggies/corn tortillas.... they were GOOD! way to go boys, you guys are great cooks! then we played cards, and later we had a fire in our backyard.. oh the joys of spring!
 Just some of our friends by the fire.... GOOD TIMES! 
I can't wait for the rest of summer & what we have coming up!


Stacey said...

Looks like you've been busy. Fun fun

Candace said...

Your dog is too cute! Love it...

Justin said...

Hey Shay.... I need to know what size of shirt you want for convention??? Have you seen them yet?? Brianne e-mailed a pic let me know if you got it????