Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Mother's day!

Mothers day was wonderful this year! I didn't have my camera... but my sister did so i stole this picture from her!

This year was different because my mom usually cooks! me and my sisters did it all this year.. I had the idea that we should do the lunch and let my mom be stress free.. stacey came up with the idea of shish-kabobs so i called Stacey & Steph after i figured out what we needed and we all pitched in. Steph was going to be at work that morning so me and stac did the shopping and steph brought stuff that she got the day before! we got there, made the kabobs and then my loving husband did the grillin'!! he loves grillin, so i figured that he wouldnt mind helping.

I had called my grandma and invited her earlier that week and i am so glad the day turned out beautiful and that we could all have fun hanging out!!

I love my mom and my grandmas.. they are all so wonderful! they are such great examples and i look up to them in every way. They won't ever know how much i appreciate them. Mother's day was great, and we have to think of all those mothers out there. But we also need to not forget all those soon to be mothers as well. I have plenty of friends out there that are expecting and i want each of them to know how excited i am and how good of mommies they are going to be! i can't wait to be a god-parent to them all :) haha!

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