Thursday, June 10, 2010


So it has been a way busy and fun time for us! and i feel like i should have posted these craft things forever ago! but i have been busy working on stuff (multiple things still in the process) but i have had these things done for WEEKS but i have just not posted them!! and some of these projects are my "saving me from being alone while brady is at work until 11 pm" projects! as you see i try and keep myself busy when i'm alone.. so if anyone ever wants to have a craft night i have plenty more ideas i want to turn into projects! :)
These balls are decorative balls that i made for a bowl in my entry way... I just learned how to dye the hemp different colors so i will SOON be adding color to it as well! as well as the wreath and the flowers.. this is all for my entry way!
I had three peices of wood and they went from ugly to beautiful (want to see the tutorial and idea where i got it from.... click here) ps i LOVE this blog!

and this is what the final product turned out to be.. PERFECT for my living room

(it looks better in person!!)

and i have had PLENTY of baby SHOWERS! so this is some of the stuff i've been working on!! (plus i have a few more that i can't actually post the pictures yet because it would ruin their shower) so i'll post them later!
The pink stuff is what i gave Alisa for her baby shower ( i had something else with it but i forgot to take a pic )

the stars &; moons and the bow were for Katie-(in the middle) because she doesnt know what she's having and she's moving before she finds out!!! so the bow could be used as a bow tie for a baby boy, or add a clip and it could be a cute hair bow for a girl
i didnt get a good pic of it unrolled... DARN- (this is the changing pad....)

BUT i also did stars and moons for my boss Melissa (she's having a little boy- i added a little "E" because the baby's name is going to be EASTON, and i changed the changing pad to have the stars and moons on it instead of the yellow, and i used blue ribbon instead of white...  so i'm sorry if those of you who got gifts are upset that i gave other people the same thing! but i thought the burp, changing pad, bib idea was a cute combo!!! maybe i should start thinking of different combos though

and all these cute bows & flowers are only the BEGINNING of what i'm making.... i just thought i'd show off what i have so far!! they will be fun to add to gifts for little girls...they will be cute on clips or on headbands!
. Now i just gotta figure out something to add to little boys gifts...... maybe bow ties and some cute suspenders :)

the 4th of july is coming up!!! and look what i've started to make 


Misty said...

I love those balls, I have been wanting to make the same ones. Where did you get the little stick pieces? Were they hard to do? It really is too bad we don't live closer so we could craft together!!

Callaways said...

that's awesome... I love doing crafts. when I'm in the mood I can go forever with them. It's so fun.

Erin and Daryl said...

I LOVE IT! You are so talented girl. Can you teach me to be creative and decorative?