Monday, September 20, 2010

Lake to the Powell

So the title kind of explains itself.. we went to LAKE POWELL!!! i had a blast. We all did! i dont have all the best pictures because Duane (the owner of the houseboat- aka our friends dad) took most of them.. cliff jumping, swimming, ect. cause he wanted to put a cd together.. so i took random ones here and there but that was it....... here are some of the ones i had on my camera..... oh and quick note.. lake powell is ALOT different being preggo than i thought it would be.
1. i couldnt cliff jump- my dr. had told me that i couldn't
2. I had to sit at the back of the ski boat where it was less bumpy.. instead of up in the front in the sun
3. i had to wear ALOT of sunscreen- everyone told me i would get fried being pregnant, so i kept putting sunscreen 30 on and well i came back with a load of NOTHING, i guess its good i'm not miserable though.. so it could be worse
4. the 8 hour dr. and having to make people stop so i could go to the bathroom, or holding it until i almost died was difficult
5. sleeping was kind of different cause i couldnt get comfy and i always ended up falling asleep before most of the people

but all in all i had a ton of fun! and i wish i didnt have to come home yet. we went up a lot of canyons, swam alot, played a lot of card games, ate ALOT and sat in the sun and soked it up!! what a blast..... we're already thinking about going again next year!

oh ya.... our trip was going great until about an hour away from our destination one of the drivers hit a deer... :( it sucked! but we got back on the road and got to antelope point and headed out.......
me and heather hanging out on the top of the houseboat
jackie-heather-me (and brady) cruisin in the ski boat
all the girls tanning away :)
this is where colby (brady's friend and my friends' husband) tried slide off the slide on top of me as i was floating around.... well he didnt quite make it... he he
brady's bass
one of the caves we went through
me and my hubby on the boat
brady being brady... hiking all around and then jumpin in
This was a Tree that was just sticking out of the water.... all our friend climbed on it to take a pic and jump off...... as you can see i didnt want to try and climb cause i  couldnt jump anyways...


Bryce and Britt said...

It sounds like you had a good time, despite all the 'rules' I love Lake Powell!

Sam and Tom said...

Looks like fun! I love Lake Powell! Be glad you had sunscreen your skin is so sensitive being pregnant! It sucks!