Monday, January 24, 2011

Baby Bump Pics

So I haven't really posted anything about my Pregnancy for a while... well i'm 34 weeks and i'm starting to count down!!!! only 5 weeks and 5 days left to go! YAY! i feel soooo ready, (which in reality i am probably not completely ready) i just want to get this little guy here and meet him and play and cuddle and love him! :)

This past weekend, my Sister-in-law Nicole asked if she could take some maturnity pictures.. so of course i said YES! and i think they turned out pretty good..... she wanted at least one good one for a shower invite to a family shower she's doing... i think we have a few for her to chose from... these are just a few of my favorites! she took the pictures and then i played around with them and edited them... so if the editing doesnt look good that was ALL me!
Then after we got done we came back to my house and hung out for a while. Brady had gotten off work and we were trying to talk him into going back out so we could take at least 1 of me and him together.. he said that maturnity pictures were for girls and he didnt want to be in any.. so he just played with his nephew jaxon.... (isnt he gonna be such a cute dad)
this next picture is of Nicole and her boy Jaxon.. while we were out and about we took a few of those two, and then some of just jaxon by himself! he is such a cute little guy!!!
I am so excited to be a mom and i can't even explain in words how great i feel, and how privelaged i feel to be able to experience motherhood! some mile-stones as of now
- Baby still has no name......
- i go in a week from friday, and then every week from then on and get checked to see if i'm progressing
- baby is a wiggle worm.... i'm constantly feeling him move
- others can actually feel him and see my whole stomach move
- me and baby love taking baths.. hes the most active then
- i can still wear my wedding ring, and haven't swelled up yet!
-starting to think about labor, contractions and what not
- i think i had my first braxton hicks contraction the other day... not too sure though
there are probably other things but i can't really think of anything else to say! so thanks for stopping by, and lets hope i do a couple more posts before the little guy makes his arrival... maybe one will say i have a name picked out!!


Kim White said...

Love this pictures. It is so weird that everyone is having babies lately. I can't believe we are really this old.

Jess said...

Very cute pics! I'm jealous, I miss Nicole... haven't seen her in forever!

Candace said...

Names are HARD but you will find the perfect one ;) And I love your baby bump! Too cute

Misty said...

Darling Pictures! Nicole did a great job! I can't wait, I hope I can make it to your shower.. assuming I'm invited, since Heather asked me for my address! Haha!!

Todd and Elaine Henke said...

K your pictures are so beautiful!! I love them!! You look great too!! You're getting so close! I hope everything keeps going well for you!!

RileyandChristinaShaw said...

Way cute pictures:) They are very creative:)