Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Remembering my Grandpa Riggs on his b-day

This past weekend was my Grandpa's Birthday. He passed away last April, but that doesnt mean i dont think of him daily. To celebrate his b-day Brady, my mom, jaycie, dylan, steven and I got balloons and went and picked my grandma up at her house. We all went to the Grave-site together and I had told them that we should all wrote a message to Grandpa on a balloon and at the same time. Then we released them and let them travel up to 'heaven' it was a great day! warm and sunny. 
 This is my balloon! 
 Grandma and mom writing on their balloons
The kids and their balloons
The balloons after we released them

 Then This Valentines Day my grandma wanted to do it again. (she must have liked my idea) My uncle Richard and Aunt Deanna Came with us this time.
 Brady writing on his balloon (he told grandpa to teach our little guy things that we might forget. almost made me cry
 This is my grandma's balloon.. 
These are the Valentines day Balloons we let go. We got to see them travel farther, because they were shiny.

This little thing we have started I assume will turn into a tradition and i am so thankful for that. I feel like we should be able to talk to him whenever, and this is a fun way. It was nice and i believe that my grandpa knows how much we love him and miss him every day

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