Sunday, March 13, 2011

Baby Collin's Arrival


This is me on my due date (2 days before i delivered) 
First Family Picture
Daddy's pride & joy

Us leaving the hospital
First time leaving the house!  

hanging out at home
already in camo
nap time with mom, always having to have his hands out... wont let me tuck them in

bright eyes...

We love being Parents! thanks for all your love and support.

Proud Grandparents

My Labor and Delivery story is LONG so if you want to just skip over it and look at the cute pictures of Baby Collin that is fine with me :)

Labor & Delivery
Friday March 4th I went in for my regular check up and dr. Fowers said i was still at a 0. I was so frustrated that i wasn't dialating because everyone says you can be at a 1 or 2 forever. I really thought that i was going to go over my due date by a long shot. As the appointment went on my dr. thought it might be a good idea to hook me up to the monitor and check and make sure the baby was ok. The baby of course was perfect and so was i, but my blood pressure was still kind of high and he was getting worried. He told me that after 40 weeks there really is no benefit of the baby being in there because they can poop and the muconium wasn't good for the baby. After talking it over he decided he wanted me to call the hospital sunday night and when they had an opening go in to get induced. I was so excited, even though he had told me it was going to be a long process and probably take at least a day or so because i was a 0. The reason he started me was because he thought either i was going to be one of those girls that dont dialate by themselves, or that the baby's head was too big and he wasn't going to drop himself, or make it through the canal. So starting me was the best thing that he could think of doing.

Sunday night came and we packed my bag, and got ready to go up to the hosp. it was so weird being so calm and able to go up to the hospital. It wasn't like in the movies or what i expected at all. I was assuming i was going to be having contractions and stuff as i got up there but nope :) i checked in at 7:30 pm, got in my room and then the fun began... The nurses needed to get me hooked up to the IV and get my blood before they could start anything. So as they looked for a vein they had to poke me 5 times before they found a good one, got my blood, hooked me up and then got my Cytoteck ready. Cytoteck is a pill that they put up on my cervix to help soften my cervix so it can dialate on my own. They put the first pill in, i started feeling contractions and 3 hours later they checked me again. NOTHING, so they put another pill in, 3 hours later checked me and again NOTHING, for the 3rd and final time (they only do the pill 3 times) they put the pill in, and 3 hours later they checked me. and again nothing. It was morning time around 7:30 and i was still a 0. It was getting me worried. My Dr. came in talked about my options. He was worried that i wasn't going to dialate so we discussed the options of having a C section. He said he didnt want me to have one, but if i didnt dialate we had to do something. I asked him if i was going to be sent home until i started dialating and he said no that wasn't an option. My blood pressure was too high and the baby was going to come one way or another.

After talking to him about all of that i was scared. I didnt want a c section at all. He then started me on a Ptosis drip (it is an IV that starts contractions) he was hoping that it would start me to contract and help me to dialate. My cervix should be soft and start to dialate. He had mentioned that my cervix had some scar tissue and that was probably one of the reason's it was taking so long to dialate. He left, i continued on the Ptosis and a couple hours later he came back.

It was now 11 am and my nurse came in to check me. I was still a 0, right after that my dr came in and said he wanted to check and see what i was at. He checked said i was a 0, and then said he was going to try something. He got me to dialate to a 1 and scrapped my membranes and then my water broke. I was SOOO happy that i had finally started dialating. even if it was just a 1. they were checking me every hour now and each hour i was at least one more number up. At 1:30 pm the contractions were getting pretty bad so i got my epideral. My stomach went numb, i stopped feeling contractions and i figured my Epidural was working great.

at 3:30 the nurse checked me said i was at a 5. We kind of timed it and figured we would have the baby around 8 pm... well a half hour later i felt like i needed to go to the bath room, so i tried, and was in so much pain that i made brady go get my nurse, she said i indeed didnt need to use the bathroom and what i was feeling was the baby's head. She said she was going to let me rest and decend for an hour and then we'd start pushing. Brady text our moms and told them it'd be about an hour so to head up. not even like 15 minutes later i was in so much pain i told the nurse i couldnt wait i was ready to push now. I pushed my epidural a couple more times because it hurt so much, and the epidural didnt help. My dr was now assisting a C section of another dr. and said he could be to my room in 10 minutes, my nurse informed him that he didnt even have 1 minute. The nurse got my one leg ready, brady on the other and before the dr. even was finished gowning up i was pushing. There were nurses everywhere getting everything ready that needed to be and 20 minutes later we had a baby. I only pushed for about a total of 10 maybe 15 minutes doing a set of 3 pushes and the baby was in my arms. I remember being in alot of pain thinking it was burning and that i couldnt do it anymore. Brady's mom showed up as i was pushing and helped me sit up and push. I am so thankful she was there, I was wanting my mom there so much but couldnt put off the pushing for her to get there. i just kept pushing. As i was on my last push my mom walked in seeing the baby come out. I was so happy she didnt miss it. It went so fast.

They put baby on my chest and let me help clean him up. i was in tears and i saw brady had one too (he wouldnt admit it though :) the dr. said i only needed one stitch so as he started to stitch me up i flinched, he asked me if i could feel that and i said ya. he said if i had an epidural i shouldnt have been able to feel that but i did. he informed me my epidural must not have been working. I pretty much had a natural birth. as i got transfered into the other bed to go up stairs i moved myself and they said that my legs shouldnt work like that if i had had an epidural. I was so proud of myself. i never would have thought i could have done it.

We then could hold Baby in our arms!!!


Sam, Tom, and Nate said...

How fun! He is such a cute boy! I need to come visit ya! Congrats!

Candace said...

He is SOO gorgeous! I need to see him ASAP... text me when I can come visit and bring your present! Congrats you are going to be such a great mommy.

Colt and Ashley said...

Congrats!!! He is so so cute!!! I am happy for you guys! You have got a keeper he is adorable ! :)

Kim White said...

Congrats shay! he is such a cutie! Glad your both doing good and he's healthy!

Bryce and Britt said...

Congratulations!!! He is a cute little guy! I'm glad you are both doing well!

Ballard Family said...

yeah...I have been waiting to see him! So glad he is here, what a doll! hope all is well!

lindsey-lou said...

Congrats! I love that hat that he is wearing in the pictures, so cute. Sorry to hear that delivery was complicated, but YAY!

Steve and Chelsie said...

Contests!! I'm so happy for you guys! He is adorable!

Misty said...

Way to Go! I am so excited for you, he is adorable. Brady looks like one proud daddy! I can't wait to meet him.

The Newswander Family said...

Congratulations! What an amazing story! Childbirth is an adventure for sure! My daughter was 28 hours of labor & my son was maybe 4! I had them both completely natural! So happy for you guys & wish you the very best! Your little man sure is handsome! I need your email so that I can send you an invite to my blog :D