Monday, May 9, 2011

Mothers day

Yesterday for mothers day we got to spend the first part of it with brady's family at his sister nicoles house.. then we traveled up to my parents. I had so much fun, and enjoyed my first mothers day so much!
Brady and collin were so sweet and got me flower pots, flowers, potting soil and stuff so i could do some pots for my front steps and patio! i am so so so happy being a mom and a wife. They are my boys!

I want to thank my mom. I now know how hard it is to be a mom, even though he is only 9 weeks. I know there are hard times to come, and i understand my mom and that she always has my best interest at heart! i love you mom.
You have done soo much for me and i appreciate everything more than you could ever know, and more than words could say. i am sorry for all the times i gave you a hard time and didn't mind.

But i want you to know i thank you for sharing your life with us, bringing me up the way you did and teaching me to be the best mom that i could be. by your example i know what the meaning of love is, and i only hope i can pass as much love on to my kids as you did to yours.. thanks for you example! Collin loves his g-ma very very much and we thank you every day and love having you so close and in our lives as much as we do!
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