Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Spontanous Trip to Vernal

So this past weekend, brady and i woke up saturday morning and decided to drive down to vernal to see our friends Jake & Maren, and their cute little girl Jocilynn. It was fun, we BBQ'd and hung out. It was a nice little get away. Collin had never been in a car that long, and he ended up doing so good! i wasn't expecting him to do that good. :)
 This is little jocilynn and collin... they are already best friends! 
 our cute family! 
 he has started blowing bubbles and drooling alot

 all the girls waiting to eat! 
 collin loves tummy time!!! 

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Candace said...

He is getting SO big... I need to hold him again. Lets get together soon? Yes?