Monday, July 18, 2011

The great Outdoors

this past weekend brady, collin and i headed up to the mountains to go camping with brady's work buddy troy. It was his b-day and so we spent the time with him. It was fun, taking the trailer up and hanging out.... so relaxing, sitting in the hammock rocking collin, and just having no worries!! i loved every minute of it. we had taken collin camping once before but it was only out at newton, and this was his actual first in the mountains camping trip... we are so excited for many many more to come.
hanging out in the trailer
little man got all tuckered out
collin bein a big boy and wearin daddy's hat
stayin in from the heat
hammocks are the best
collin even loved it.....

and of course daisy loved camping too....
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Brooke said...

The pics of him in the hammock are so cute!! He is getting big and chunky! I love it!

RileyandChristinaShaw said...

We love camping too! There's nothing like the outdoors with no worries!!

Todd and Elaine Henke said...

OH!! The pictures of him in the hammock are so STINKIN cute!! How fun!! Such a cutie!