Monday, January 4, 2010


This holiday season was wonderful! it was a little bizy, but we enjoyed it.
This was our first christmas with each other and our new house. It was nice to wake up together and share christmas together as our own little family with daisy! we got spoiled this year. We opened presents from eachother, drove to layton to be with brady's family for breakfast and gifts, and came back to logan to be with my family for dinner and presents! what an exciting day!!! Daisy had fun with her new toys as much as we did with ours.. brady got ice fishing stuff, dc clothing, and guy outdoors things and i got rock band, fishing stuff, clothes, and movies! it was great! it was fun decorating..... (i made the wreath, and the snow blocks)

New Years was wonderful as well! New Year's Eve we went to Alisa and Tylers house and played games and rang in the new year.. we went home right after because brady had to work at lowes the next morning .... bummer :( that aftertoon my parents had a lunch at their house, we ate and played games all day! great family time! I even pitched in with the appetizers and made a snowman cheeseball.. everyone was impressed.. (i dont cook or do anything of the sort) then i got to play with my new nephew all day!! what a fun time... as you can see my dog daisy got jealous and just sat on my lap the entire time!!! silly pet! overall, it was a great day!

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Josh and Heidi said...

Oh my that is so funny. I know paisley is gonna go crazy when this baby gets here!!!