Monday, January 11, 2010


!!!!2009!!!!! Lets see what last year brought us month by month

* Got our first New Years Eve Kiss!!!
*We got engaged Jan 13. 2009
* We went sledding with friends, and had a lot of fun with the snow!

* We spent our first Valentine’s day together! He made me dinner and I got to just relax!!
* We started planning our wedding!

*We went to Maui, Hawaii with my family!
* Took our engagement pictures
* Went hot tubbing a lot!

*Hung out with a lot of good friends!!!
* Brady’s Sister Nicole had her adorable cute baby Jaxon!!!
* Went to Vegas/ St. George with my mom, and stacey for a dance comp! First time in VEGAS!

* I bought a Four-Wheeler
* We went to the dunes with all our close friends, four wheeling, camping, and cooking out! Just what summer should be!!!

* Stayed Busy working on wedding stuff and continued on the pond my dad was doing for our wedding
* Planning Planning Planning.. Thats all I did this month!!! I can’t even remember this month!

* We went to the top of Mnt. Logan for the 4th of July fireworks ( we had done that the year before for our first date)
* Although we were completely happy we cant forget that Brady’s dad was in the Hospital... The first serious event that happened while me and brady were together.. It brought us a lot closer, and we learned a lot about each other...
* our WEDDING was 07.08.09!!!!
* We had fun in Jackson Hole for our honeymoon. It was fun we got to relax, hang out, and enjoy being married

* Our first month of marriage and we learned SOOOO much about each other! We thought we knew everything.. We didnt! What a great way to continue our lives!
* Had friends over for game night
* I started playing bunco!
* I went to the Snake River with some friends while Brady stayed home!
* Went to The annual SCENTSY convention!!
* Brady Went to MOAB with friends!!!

* I Started teaching dance again,
*started my last semester of school
* 26th was my Birthday!! We went camping and to the hot pots and Maple Grove

* We celebrated Brady’s birthday by going to the Flogging Molly Concert the week before
and then the night of his birthday we threw a party at Sherwood hills! I love my brady!!
* Halloween ended this month on a good note! Dressed up, went to some parties and had fun!!

*We had a lot of birthday’s this month (Stacey, Nicole, my dad),
*we had thanksgiving at my parents house....
* I wanted to start Christmas shopping but brady said ABSOLUTELY not until at least after thanksgiving.. Haha!
* We bought our first HOUSE and got a PUPPY as our own house warming gift!!!

What another busy month! Seems like that’s all our life is!!! BUSY BUSY BUSY
*The first week of December was very busy! With my sister steph having her beautiful baby boy on dec 1st!!! and me being very sick this first week we had a lot going on! I took my last final this week as well!
*Dec 12th I graduated from Utah State University with a Bachelor’s degree in FCHD!!!!
*The rest of the month was crazy busy getting our first christmas together all set up!! We Spent Christmas Eve by ourselves, Christmas morning at Brady’s Parents, and then that Afternoon we were at my parents!!
*New Years Eve we spent out at Alisa and Tyler’s house playing games with friends!!

Sorry this is such a long post! I had a wonderful and exciting year.. I can only IMAGINE what else could top all this in 2010!!!


Steve and Chelsie said...

Hey, I'm so glad you commented on my blog! Cause now I have yours!! You guys are so cute!!

jhjonze said...

I didn't know you had a blog! I love blogs!

You guys had a very eventful and busy year.

Callaways said...

Yay, so cute. My blog is private, I was just messing with it yesterday so I emailed you an invite.. You look great... Love the blonde hair.