Tuesday, January 19, 2010


I have just got done reading the HOST by stephenie meyer! i loved the twilight books and movies so when my mom got me the book last christmas i was exstatic! i haven't had much time to read it, with the wedding and then my last semester of school! so i just finished it and now they are making a movie out of it!! i am SOOO THRILLED! when they release a date i will let everyone know so that they will get pumped up to go and see it! in the mean time i would encourage all of you to read the book.. I have it if anyone wants to borrow it! :)


Stacey said...

I'm about half way done and I love it. Everyone said the beginning was slow but I didn't notice. I've enjoyed it all! I've stayed up till 3 am reading for the last like 3 nights cause it's soo good. That's what I'm doing tonight on my night off work as well. READING. ME? WTF? ha ha

Steve and Chelsie said...

I love that book! I didn't like the beginning and couldn't get into it until more then half way through, but once I got to that point I couldn't put it down. I'm super excited about the Scentsy thing, let me know!! I know ty's beard was ridiculous!! ha ha

Stacey said...

By the way I finally updated my blog with the good book I was reading! :) I started the Da Vinci Code last night PS!