Sunday, February 7, 2010


This year brady has gotten really into fishing! with the help of some buddies he's been going almost every weekend. and at least one time a week.. This was the first time i had ever went ice fishing and i thought it was kind of scary. Those first few steps on the ice, the cracking sound and the cold didn't please me very well! i got over it and enjoyed this trip. We caught a few (not as much as brady is catching now) but daisy wasn't used to the cold and her paws started freezing so we had to leave early!
Brady now has a Ice Hut, a Heater and a Fish Flasher (better pics to come later) it is a fun thing to do, but i'll leave that to the boys and go hang out with the girls.. that sounds like a way better time to me.. :)


Callaways said...

ya, like fishing, but anything with the word ICE before it, or snow, cold..etc... count me out. At least someone likes too!!

Stacey said...

Shay I'm bummed your pictures don't show up for me.... :( oh well. Ice fishing sounds fun! Cold but fun. I would definatly try it out.