Monday, February 1, 2010


this weekend was way super fun! it started out friday night by going to dinner with all these girls! we have all worked at Logan Nursing & Rehab sometime or another.. overlapping each other! haha! it was fun to get together with these girls because i used to hang out with all of them (at different times) almost everyday! where have our lives went, from being married, to going to school, and everywhere in between we have kind of drifted apart so it was nice to see them all again!!! After dinner some of us went back to my house and played games..that was a hoot! these girls are hilarious! i laughed more this night than i had in a long time...

all the girls at dinner left to right- cortney, tanaya, monae, nalyn, holly, me, natali & jess!

ya..... we are dorks.. hahaha!

Saturday was way fun as well! brady went off fishing with all his buddies! he bought an ice hut, fish finder, and new ice fishing gear! so he is always out fishing when he has the chance! I need him to take the camera sometimes so i can post pics of him on here! while he was fishing i was up at my mom's house making a watch band! (sorry the pic isnt that clear) that is going to be my new hobby!!!

Sunday was long.. but fun! me and steph hawled all our scrapbooking stuff up to my mom's and took over her kitchen! we scrapbooked for a what seemed like all day :) i played with her baby a little bit and we just hung out..

This weekend turned out to be a great GIRLS weekend!

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Stacey said...

Looks like fun.. Yes i know i was kinda a ditch out and didn't scrapbook. But next time I really want and need to! I am almost a year behind. So next weekend or sometime soon??