Thursday, October 28, 2010

girls night out.... a while ago!

ok... so this is long over due... since this girls night was what... a month ago or so? maybe not that long ago, anyways..

When i married brady i didnt just get a family, but i got friends too! These girls are fun, and were nice enough to invite me to their girls night out....... as far as i can tell they get together alot and take turns driving to salt lake, or logan so they can get together... it was way fun, we first went to Texas Roadhouse.. i love that place.. i couldn't believe how many tables of just girls there were.. i guess it was everyone's night for a girls night. then after that we walked around wal-mart, got treats, played dress up, and headed back to Nicole's house. We played QUELF if you have never played it you need to! it was so darn funny... i didnt have to do alot of the funny things, but some of the girls did and i just laughed :)

I love girls nights.. i have had a few more with different groups of friends... what is better than friends? and a night away from your husband's once in a while.... ;)
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Jess said...

Looks like fun, I miss Nicole!!!

Misty said...

Yes, you got a group of girlfriends!! It was a lot of fun having you play with us! You're always invited too!