Monday, October 11, 2010

Sunday Afternoon..... & what do U think i'm having?

So this Sunday, our friends Jordan & Eric called and wanted to know if we would like to go up and see the Salmon Run up past porcupine... and it was a great day, a sunday afternoon and so we said. Yes, of course! We didnt get to see as many salmon as we could have if we would have went earlier this month, or last month.... but it was still fun (i forgot to take pictures of the fish... sorry) but it was cool to see so many! it was a great sunday outting for sure! We took our dog up there as well and she loved it!!! i wish i could have gotten a picture of her, she ran right next to the riverbank up and down trying to chase the fish... she's cute!
This is me and brady up the river from porcupine dam.... (he's ALWAYS pulling a face)
 This is us again.. i MADE him smile... This one will count for my 19 week picture :)
 me and jordan! love her
 what we hiked through
brady fishing, just for fun to see if the salmon would bite

We get to find out WEDNESDAY what we are having! i can hardly even wait..... its killing me! haha! but i want to know what you guys think.. some of you have seen me, some have not? but i honestly dont have a feeling one way or another??????


Chad & Cassidy said...

Im glad you posted about that, we need to take our kids to do that! I forget every year. I think you're having a girl. :)

Candace said...


Jess said...

Well I think Brady would love a little boy but I'm saying girl because I can totally see him wrapped around her little finger :)

Dave and Kalei Robbins said...

I think you will have a girl! :) Good luck tomorrow, you will be so happy either way! Then all the fun shopping can begin :)

Todd and Elaine Henke said...

Your picture is so cute!!! Oh and this is from awhile ago but I think how you guys are going to find out is so fun!! Maybe we'll do that on our next one! :) Maybe you'll have a girl and then our kiddos can date! :)