Friday, October 29, 2010

halloween at WoRk

The crew at work! me-indian, jeremy-fred flinstone, marci-cowgirl, natali-pirate, dan (owner)-the tooth fairy, he even passed out tooth brushes it was hilarious! vicky-someone dead, and shane-a super nerd!!!
My neice jaycie-witch (i made the skirt, i'm glad it turned out cute!) and nephew dylan-batman!!!! they come every year and i love going around with them!!!
ok! so everyone knows i LOVE halloween... and what is even better is that we get to dress up at work..... and if you don't well.. shame on you!!! its tradition here, and Logan Nursing has made it a big deal to dress up..... everywhere the Owner, bosses, and down the line are dressed up i LOVE it!!!

We all get to work, work for a few hours.... go to lunch (usually chilis to show off our costumes), go back to work, work for a few more hours and then the fun begins!!!

We have an annual TRICK OR TREAT event where all the residents get dressed up, sit outside their rooms and hand out candy! talk about a lot of candy in one place... freak! and all the employees, friends and past co-workers bring the little ones in to join the fun!!! i love it! we have people from the community call every year and ask if we are still doing it! and of course it just gets bigger and bigger every year.... so next year bring your little ones!!!! its a LOT of fun

I love that about Logan Nursing..... can't wait to show off my little guy next year in his costume.. as you can see he's joining the fun this year... my belly sure was a poking out! haha

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Callaways said...

so cute.. love the belly. and the costumes...