Saturday, December 4, 2010

pregnancy ups and downs

Ok, so i am 27 weeks preg. today and i feel like i haven't been keeping track of everything that has been happening... so if you dont want to keep reading about my preg. stop here. this is kinda for me so i can remember things!

so my pregnancy hasn't been bad.. but there has been a few road bumps!

1st things first, i feel big.. brady says my belly doesnt look different than it did 2 or 3 weeks ago... but it is definately bigger to me. its more firm, and i notice it gets in the way now.... i sometimes forgot its there when i reach down to get something, or reach over the table or something and BAM i run into my belly. The other day me and my mom were walking around a store shopping and i usually am ok to walk right next to her... well i kept hitting my stomach on her purse.. silly me. i guess i need to watch out for those types of things! :)

my back aches..... to this day i haven't had many problems.. but lately the sciatica pain has started coming during the night and well i'm not looking forward to what its going to be like in a few months.

Heartburn.. well i have only had it once.. on thanksgiving night and i am pretty sure i ate WAY to much turkey!!! haha.. so i'm knocking on wood, and hoping that it stays away. :) i take two tums with my prenatal everynight just to PREVENT it during the night... so whether i'd get it or not, i wouldnt know.. i'm not willing to find out.

my hair is falling out, and i hate it! i heard that you are supposed to get beautiful hair when your preg.... well if thats the case my hair sucks cause its all falling out! haha...its not really growing either. crap!

i wake up at least once a night to pee... is that normal? i guess it could be worse.. but still! i hate having to get out of a warm bed to go pee. totally not cool. i have even tried to not drink liquids after a certain point at night to see if that will help and well.... it doesnt....

i feel like i lose sleep... from all the back aches, to peeing, to just being exhausted.... i was way tired in the first trimester and the second has been great until like the last 2 weeks.... i sleep in longer, am late to work... and i hate it.. any suggestions?

people say the darnest things! i will have to take a picture of my belly today and post it, but ok so i say i feel big.. but i'm probably not big enough people should have started saying stuff right? well wrong... they dont care how big you are, or aren't.. some people just DONT HAVE A FILTER! i was walking by a CNA at my work the other day and she's like, wow you sure got that pregnancy waddle.... ok so maybe its not so bad, but i dont know if she has kids or not... and if she does she should know not to say ANYTHING to a pregnant lady! haha.... i dont know if i was just having a bad day or what but it hit a nerve........ we aren't even friends.. it'd be different if we were close.. but saying something like that when you hardly know the person.... pshhh

but from all the little things that make me bad talk preg.. like mine has even been bad.. it hasn't so i shouldn't talk at all.... but from all those little things.. there are great things as well!!!

i feel him kick ALOT! and when he does i am reassured that he is in there and he's ok... he talks to me and i talk to him and there is communication......

I everytime i go to the dr. they say i am measuring just perfect, and i am happy for that....

me and brady can't decide on a name... nothing has stuck... its a hard thing because its such a big deal! we have thrown some out there, but we aren't sure... its funny how people are. we like some names and what to share, and you should hear the remarks we get back...... i'm like HELLO people, if i like it enough i'm going to name him that anyways despite what you say. :) haha but we are trying to eliminate the possiblities of him getting made fun of, having the same name as everyone else, and not being able to play the rhyming game with the name... so we'll see!

oh the joys of pregnancy... i might complain a little but in all reality i am SOOOO HAPPY, and nothing could take the joy feeling away from me. he is such a special little guy already and i am so excited that i only have 3 MORE MONTHS! i can't believe it.... sometimes i think i'm ready, other days i dont.....

we love you little guy! :) stay cozy in there until your ready!


Talesha Carter said...

Shayna I'm so happy for you! You're going to make suck a great mommy.

Talesha Carter said...

*hahaha sorry such*

Nielsen Family said...

really it seems like you stay the same forever then overnight you change. As long as your MD says you're growing healthy you're fine. I really had issues with people not minding their business, and making comments, so I just gave them my docotrs office number and told them that if they were so concerned with my growth that they should discuss it with him. I got the best reactions with that one. I am glad that all is well. I hope your christmas is great.