Wednesday, December 8, 2010

week 25, 26, & 27

ok so i have been falling really behind in the picture world. we haven't been taking pictures of my belly... so i'm sorry for that! but below is our christmas pictures we took. I was 25 weeks.............. to see the pictures bigger click on them
this picture isn't the best, but i had promised a friend (TawnA) that i would post a belly pic.. and well i thought i had some on my camera.. its dead, and i can't find the charger... so this isn't the best picture but i took it with my computer...... but i guess you can see the belly (dont mind the messy house.. its christmas season) and this picture i actually took THIS morning so i'm 27 and a 1/2 weeks.... i am going to the dr. for glucose tests... wish me luck! 
thanks everyone for the support.... I really am going to try and post pictures more often
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Misty said...

Shayna.. you look darling! I'm glad you aren't having too many issues with your pregnancy. Consider yourself lucky. :)

Candace said...

Cutest baby belly! I miss mine :( Enjoy it, because even though it seems like it is taking FOREVER for him to get here.. it goes by in the blink of an eye

RileyandChristinaShaw said...

You look way cute:) Thanks for posting an update on your pregnancy!!

Todd and Elaine Henke said...

Shayna!! You look so cute!! I love it!! Take lots of pictures-even if you don't post them-so you can remember! I miss my belly and feeling Huxley kick around. I almost get lonely sometimes and then I remember he's in the car seat or the crib.

I didn't comment on your last blog but thanks for posting it!! I like reading symptoms of other moms! Then I don't feel like I was weird!